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Why Invest in a Learning Management System?

19 December 2014

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To compete with a winning edge in today’s aggressively competitive and ever-changing business world, it is important to adopt modern day strategies. And LMS is definitely one modern day development that organizations should not ignore when strategizing for business success. Here’s why….

Employee training is a crucial part of a successful business approach. A team of qualified and skilled staff serves as a driving force, propelling businesses to greater heights. Each year businesses spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on planning, organizing and conducting corporate training programs and workshops. The cost associated with these training programs is huge. And, since these are held either annually or semi-annually (depending on the organization) it’s not enough to ensure continuous employee development. And this is exactly why investing in LMS makes sense!

Reduce Training Cost

A learning management system like Schoox helps you train your employees continuously while keeping the training cost low. By using this modern-day e-learning system, you can cut costs associated with in-person training such as travel, instructors pay, hard-copy course materials and the valuable time lost away from work.

Centralized System

With an LMS, you can train your employees through one centralized system. Using this centralized and interactive platform, you can upload and store all the training materials, videos and resources within one system and make it accessible to all your employees.

Promotes Mobile Learning

Since all the training material is available online on LMS, your employees can view it on the go, any time they want. They can use the LMS platform to select, view and complete their e-learning activities and access any document they want to without any hassle. Simply put, LMS promotes mobile learning and helps you surpass time and geographical limitations.

Corporate Training Administration Simplified

Administrating and managing training programs can be both difficult and time consuming especially for those organizations with diverse training needs and operations across the globe. But an LMS like Schoox with a built-in dynamic training dashboard makes administrative task fairly easy. It streamlines the process and enables you to upload new training material smoothly, evaluate, track and monitor the performance of each employee with ease and complete transparency.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is also propelling many companies to invest in LMS. It helps companies to demonstrate to industry regulators that the staff is trained in the relevant legislation. It produces proper training reports which serve as quality evidence to ensure that your company meets both legal and regulatory requirements. Investing in LMS can be quite useful for you, if your company falls under those industries that are required to train and report for compliance purposes by law.

Improve Employee Retention

An LMS can help you lower employee turnover dramatically. It allows you to create proper development plans and provide a clear path to employees for career advancement. Learning activities and knowledge sharing over an LMS enables employees to learn and develop their skill-set and acquire the knowledge they need to climb up the corporate ladder and realize their corporate goals.

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