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Smart Learning: How AI Can Amplify the Power of Your LMS

31 October 2023

3 Min Read

AI and LMS

One can’t go long without hearing mention of artificial intelligence or “AI” these days. What was once a buzzword is now an essential technology powering practical business solutions of all kinds, and it’s quickly becoming a regular part of our modern world.

The potential applications of artificial intelligence in learning and development (L&D) are particularly inspiring, considering AI improves through continuous learning. Harnessing the power of AI within the right workplace learning platform can help businesses simplify and amplify learning to improve productivity and unlock employee potential. Let’s take a look at how.

Automate L&D Administration

Managing a learning management system (LMS) is complex and often challenging. Between large amounts of sensitive data, user management, content management, course assignments, and administrative tasks specific to each business, L&D professionals often find themselves overwhelmed with the work required to deliver training across an entire enterprise.

AI reduces administrative workloads through intelligent LMS automation. It eliminates the need for L&D professionals to manually perform tasks like adding and removing users, updating user permissions, assigning coursework, and building reports—freeing them to focus on more impactful goals.

Leverage Adaptive and Personalized Learning

Today’s employees expect modern technology solutions that are easy and intuitive. Paper-based materials, clunky and outdated software, and disconnected learning experiences don’t cut it, and they could even lower employee morale and contribute to turnover.

On the other hand, learning solutions powered by AI mimic the user experiences of platforms like Netflix. Rather than having to search for content, the AI-enabled LMS automatically suggests relevant content to learners right on their home pages or within the flow of work.

Discover Skill Gaps and Deliver Targeted Learning

One of the most exciting use cases for artificial intelligence in workplace learning is its potential to deliver highly targeted learning at the most impactful points of the employee lifecycle. In other words, with all the data available within an LMS, AI engines could identify precisely where skills gaps exist among specific employees, when they should take training to improve those skills based on organizational needs, and which courses they should take. AI can predict future learning trends by analyzing data and recommending strategies for better learning outcomes.

At scale, AI-informed skills gap analysis can help organizations develop talent from within to fill crucial roles and ensure the business remains competitive amid rapidly evolving market conditions.

Access Advanced Analytics

Everyone knows the importance of making data-driven decisions, but this is easier said than done. With AI, organizations can make sense of the vast amounts of data available within their LMS and discover trends and patterns by comparing and combining this data with the data available in other applications. With natural language processing capabilities, L&D leaders can ask AI engines for answers to simple, conversational questions about learner data and activity.

The potential applications of AI in learning and talent development are promising, but to truly realize the benefits of emerging technology, businesses need to have solid data strategies in place first. Ultimately, AI is only as good as the data that feeds it, so ensuring your company has strict policies and procedures around which kind of data is collected and how it’s vetted, stored, and processed is a great place to start.

The future of learning and development is a smart one powered by AI. AI integration with a learning management system can amplify the power of an LMS, improve productivity, and help businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce.

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